Levi Mitchell

I’m Levi Mitchell, growing up as a farm boy from small-town Canada the redemption of Israel was a distant theory, a subject for those bible obsessed elders at church.  What could it have to do with me? How could I possibly play a role in the unfolding of some ancient mystical prophecy? Why would I even want to? It just happens that my father was one of those bible obsessed elders and for some reason, God has chosen me to bear his legacy! Though he is no longer with me in this pursuit of the Kingdom I am proud to say that his vision has become my mission. His legacy burns in the deepest part of my heart as I stand here on the mountains of Samaria accomplishing with my own hands the things he spent his life praying for!! I now carry his torch but it’s no longer his, it’s mine and the generation to comes. The story of redemption and the King coming to reign in Zion must become reality and I have chosen to be a part of it. I’m asking you to join me in this quest by joining my monthly sponsorship team!  This is no ancient mystical prophecy, no theoretical religious doctrine or narrative, it is the Living Word of God becoming reality.

Are you ready to be a part of it?

My part in this great redemption is that of a servant, accomplishing the boots on the ground operations of Hayovel. I work in construction, maintenance, harvest team logistics, and the new Greening Israel project. I am full-time, hands-on with dirt under my fingernails most of the time!

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