What Do You Believe In?

Thank you to all those who have given! We’re currently at $6,900.00!   We have 6 days to raise the rest of the funds needed. If you believe in what we are doing, please consider forwarding this to anyone you know that would be interested in giving this “Giving Tuesday”. Read More

Harvest Update Video – The Kitchen


One of the incredible workings of the harvest every year is the indispensable kitchen that sometimes seems to run night and day! This year, the kitchen staff was blessed with a commercial kitchen and a walk-in refrigerator and freezer (thank you, to all those who donated!), which came just in time. With 500 volunteers coming... Read MoreRead More

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #10


Announcing……the 10th and last episode in this season of the Joshua and Caleb Report series. Born to American parents, Batya Sela grew up in the ultimate urban lifestyle, a far stretch from the edge of the outlying hilltop of Itamar, where she resides today. Prepare to have your perception of the “West Bank Settler” radically... Read MoreRead More

Harvest Update – The Last Clusters of 2014!

The last clusters of the 2014 grape harvest have now been picked, and the statistics are in! Thank God, it has been an incredible harvest!   We brought in 436.4 tons of grapes, which equates to 257,790 bottles of liquid prophecy, literally dripping from the hills of Samaria! (See Amos 9)   After taking in... Read MoreRead More