Shmita – The Sabbatical Year


This past year has been quite an interesting and educational journey – a journey into the complexity and wonder of the sabbatical year of Israel. It is a year-long season of rest for the land, provision for the poor, and most importantly, an acknowledgement that HaShem is the Creator and our sole Source of provision.... Read MoreRead More

Jeremy Gimpel Speaking in Nashville!

Jeremy Gimpel will be the keynote speaker Sunday evening, February 22nd, at 6:00PM at the Music City Sheraton ballroom in Nashville, TN. Doors open at 5:30. Admission is free! Jeremy is a Commander in the IDF Reserves, rabbi, former co-host of the popular TV show “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem,” and current co-host of the... Read MoreRead More

New HaYovel Base!!!

We have been abundantly blessed this year by your fervent prayers, letters of encouragement, volunteer efforts and donations. It has been an amazing year. So many accomplishments, achievements and successes – all made possible by your generous support!   We have some BIG NEWS! After receiving a flood of responses to our search for a... Read MoreRead More

Harvester's Testimonies – Video!

Some sold homes and left jobs. Some used all of their vacation time. Some worked all year just to save enough money. Many have stories of miraculous provision. All have sacrificed something.   Each and every harvester’s story is different, and yet many have the same theme of self-sacrifice. All to participate in one thing:... Read MoreRead More