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UPCOMING EVENTS: Family Week, April 24 – May 1 Registration is open and the campground is almost full. Register HERE today to secure a spot for your family! HaYovel and Love & Purity Speaking Tours, May/June Dates and locations to follow. Shavuot Conference, June 10 – 13 At the HaYovel Base in Southeast Missouri. More... Read MoreRead More

Pre-order the new worship CD

Pre-Order The New Worship CD! You are sure to be blessed by these all-original songs, recorded live at an event in Franklin, TN. We expect to ship the CDs by the end of April. Click HERE to Pre-Order your copy today and get a 15% Discount!Read More

Announcing…Blessings of Israel

Announcing… The Blessings of Israel brings you delicious, healthful blessings of the Land through samplings of the unique foods and beauty products that flourish in Israel. There is a battle raging against Israel, and the main battlefield is the economy. The weapons are boycotts and sanctions designed to cripple Israel’s economy. Though times are trying,... Read MoreRead More

BDS Movement and Prime Minister Trudeau


Have you watched HaYovel’s latest video, BDS or the Bible? This video brings up some important points, and for Canadians, it should remind us to stay up-to-date with Israel related news close to home. In the last decade, Canada has been a great friend to Israel, but what is the status of our nation’s relationship with... Read MoreRead More