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The Joshua & Caleb Report New Episode Release!

The long-awaited first episode in an exciting new season of the Joshua and Caleb Report is here! Ezra Yakhin is 88 years old, a legend and hero in Israel, and the oldest serving member in the IDF Reserves. He joined the underground resistance movement in 1948 while still a teenager, and participated in the liberation of the Jewish state during the War of Independence. He has so many miracle stories that have happened to him, it is clear that the hand of God has been on his life. As Ezra puts it at the end of the episode, “I shall live, and not die, and declare the works of the LORD” (quote from Psalm 118). If you’d like to know more about Ezra’s life story, you can buy his... Read MoreRead More

More Than Just Planting Grape Vines? Jeremiah Says Yes


What do you do when you read a prophecy that is 3,500 years old, and yet, it is telling you to do something physical? Sometimes propecy is not only meant to be taken as a spiritual application. Sometimes, it is calling those who believe in God’s Word to put their feet on the ground, pull their gloves on, and do something action-oriented for the Kingdom. In Israel, the Jewish people look to the prophets as their guide in resettling the Land. When Joel and Amos speak of restoring the Land, rebuilding ancient ruins, and of wine dripping from the hills, they take these words quite literally. Many of the people who we work with in Israel have similar stories – they were ordinary people, living ordinary lives in a city or suburb somewhere in Israel. One day, they heard the call of the prophets. They realized that they could be a vital part of God’s redemptive plan for the restoration of Israel. Many of them stepped out in faith, and it is we who are privileged to work with these heroes of Israel, and at the same time, be a part of the prophetic message of old. So I challenge you today – will you say yes to the prophets that spoke God’s call to action so many years ago? Will you plant a vine, harvest grapes, stand on the mountains of Israel, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, or empower others to do so? Whatever God is calling you to take part in, start today, and DO IT! Put your hands and feet where the prophets of old walked. Stand with the nation of Israel... Read MoreRead More

Would you like to experience Israel in an intimate, formal, prophetic way?

We’re excited to announce HaYovel’s Israeli wine and chocolate tasting events in Canada! We will be traveling across Canada this May and June and bringing the fruit of the land with us. Tasting Israel’s world renowned products and hearing our inspiring, eye witness report is sure to strengthen your faith and provide you with information that you just won’t get anywhere else!   What is the tour about?  The goal of this tour is to: 1) Educate about the goodness of God through His Land and People 2) Show the beautiful, prophetic fruit of the Land 3) Raise funds to continue the work of HaYovel Canada   Should YOU host a tasting? Do you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Do you love Israel, the Land that He loves?  Would you like to connect to what He is doing in Israel NOW? Would you like your friends and family to connect? Then YES, you need to invite us to your area!   How do you invite us to your area? Email David saying: “Yes, I would like more information about hosting a wine/chocolate tasting” Following is our tentative Canadian schedule: May – Ontario and Manitoba June – British Columbia, Alberta, and... Read MoreRead More

BDS Movement and Prime Minister Trudeau


Have you watched HaYovel’s latest video, BDS or the Bible? This video brings up some important points, and for Canadians, it should remind us to stay up-to-date with Israel related news close to home. In the last decade, Canada has been a great friend to Israel, but what is the status of our nation’s relationship with Israel now, and what will our foreign policy look like in the near future? Former PM Harper was unapologetic about his support for Israel, a support motivated by his strong moral compass. But with a new liberal government in Ottawa, many of us have been waiting with bated breath to see what changes will be made to Canadian foreign policy. In late February our parliament made a great decision and approved, by a large majority, a draft resolution rejecting and condemning the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. On March 13th PM Trudeau even tweeted that “The BDS movement, like Israeli Apartheid Week, has no place on Canadian campuses…” Well, it’s great to see our liberal majority government making some sound decisions in standing against the popular anti-Israel propaganda. It’s important for us, as Canadians, to realize that Israeli Apartheid Week was a Canadian initiative which began in Toronto in 2005. This fact alone could effectively communicate to the world that Canada is a leader in demonizing the only real democracy in the Middle East. Realizing the local origins of Israeli Apartheid Week makes the Canadian Parliament’s recent decision to oppose the BDS movement much more noteworthy. So hopefully, Parliament’s recent decision is a sign of future goodwill towards Israel and another positive step towards many years of Canadian friendship with the Jewish... Read MoreRead More
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