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Podcast: Borders, Boats & Sovereignty in Israel (with AY Katsoff)

July 1st was a date much anticipated in Israel. Many expected the Prime Minister in Israel to make an announcement regarding moving forward with sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. They were greatly disappointed when that did not happen. There were several other significant events that happened on July 1st though. Listen in to today’s show to find out what they were. One thing was a different and unexpected statement from one of Israel’s members of Knesset regarding what Israel will NOT do if they apply sovereignty over the heartland. Will Israel’s borders open up in time for the grape harvest this fall? Maybe a boat is the answer. While cases of COVID-19 are increasing again in Israel, all hope is not lost for this year’s harvest. Tune in for a unique and out of the box idea from an interview with AY Katsoff, one of the farmers that HaYovel helps in Samaria.   \... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The Complex Lip Service of the Arab World (with Aaron Lipkin)

There seems to be more going on in the Arab world behind the scenes than we are aware of. Taking a look at these Arab states and people who actually live there, these countries seem very hostile toward Israel in regard to sovereignty for Judea and Samaria. Is this really the case? As the phrase suggests, is the “Arab World” really united? Is there such a thing as an Arab nation? Do all Palestinians really want a Palestinian state? Join us for all this and more as Aaron Lipkin joins us in the studio to discusses the potential sovereignty move and the response of the Arab states surrounding Israel.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Palestinians & Sovereignty in Israel (with Aaron Lipkin)

The question of sovereignty in Israel has become a very hot topic. There is a report that Netanyahu has put together his own plan as an alternative to the “Deal of the Century”. The council that oversees Israel’s biblical heartland has put together their own map, one which does not allow for the creation of a Palestinian state. Find out why that is a good thing on today’s show. Joshua interviews Aaron Lipkin on today’s podcast. Aaron is a wealth of information when it comes to Israel’s heartland, and he has some interesting things to share about the real population numbers of the Palestinians residing here.  ... Read MoreRead More

Meet Our Staff: Zac & Becca Waller

Up this week in the “Meet Our Staff” series: Zac and Becca Waller Zac Waller was born in Kentucky and raised in the hills of Tennessee. He found his life calling on the mountains of Samaria in the heartland of re-born Israel. At the age of thirteen, he dedicated his life to the God of Israel and professed Yeshua (Jesus) as his Lord and Savior. Little did he know that this commitment would lead him to a thriving vineyard on the Mount of Blessing in Samaria. It was there, during the grape harvest of 2007, that the call was made clear––Almighty God was resurrecting the land and people of Israel, and the nations needed to participate! That following year, in recognition of his managerial giftings that had blossomed while farming with his family in Tennessee, HaYovel’s Board of Directors voted Zac to be Director. After six years of much growth and success, Zac was promoted to the position of Executive Director. In the spring of 2012, Zac married Becca and they are now the proud parents of four lion-hearted boys and two beautiful little girls. >> Support Zac and Becca and their family as they serve in Israel. In addition to his leadership in HaYovel and family responsibilities, Zac is regularly hosted on the weekly Joshua and Caleb Report Podcast as well as being a public speaker, author, and teacher sharing stories, insights, and thought-provoking teachings from Scripture that are a beacon of light to many around the globe. Zac has a great passion for worshipping his Creator through music and song. He began leading worship at his congregation at the age of 15. The Waller family and friends have produced several albums. Zac is most known for his songs and music videos Israel, You’re Not Alone and Restoration.        Becca is an amazing mother to their six children, faithfully supports Zac in his role as Executive Director, and fills various roles during volunteer seasons, including planning and set-up for special events and serving as HaYovel’s Executive Decorator. Zac and Becca are dedicated to walking with, equipping, and undergirding God’s people in the nations, empowering them to serve the God of Israel, bringing about the restoration of all things! By supporting Zac and Becca, you will enable: The vision and service of HaYovel to continue in the heartland of Israel in a powerful and effective way under Zac’s direction and guidance. Hundreds of volunteers each year to have a life-changing experience in Israel’s heartland as they come here to work and volunteer on the mountains of Samaria. The powerful truth of Israel’s restoration and the call for all nations and cultures to discover how they can get involved to reach around the globe through books, teachings, videos, articles, podcasts, and more! New songs, music albums, and music videos! Click here to join Zac & Becca’s personal support team   Check out Zac’s new 30-day devotional just published this spring and hot off the presses! It is no longer possible to ignore the incredible things that are happening in Israel. The question remains: “Is this the hand of God at work? How does this affect me as a Christian? I thought that the Church replaced Israel?” Zac’s new book is a 30-day devotional digging into the prophetic things that are happening in Israel and laying out a biblical perspective on what the response of Christianity should be. >> click here to buy on sale... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The Self Destruction of the Palestinian Government

The Palestinian Authority government has always been corrupt. Recently, however, they have hidden their motives less and less. From cutting salaries to their own employees and using the money to pay murderers to refusing medical aid from the UAE because the shipment was coordinated through Israel, they are finally showing their true colors. Did you know that many Palestinians have openly said that they would prefer to live under Israel’s rule? Listen to today’s show to find out if this is only because their own government is corrupt, or if they actually support Israel. The Joshua and Caleb Report podcast is a weekly show that broadcasts radical, biblical truths straight from Israel’s biblical heartland. Don’t settle for lies and negativity – listen to our weekly show to be empowered to stand confidently with God’s land and people.  ... Read MoreRead More