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Halfway to a Successful Harvest 2020!

We are nearly halfway to our fundraising goal to make Harvest 2020 a success! Two weeks of harvest are complete and we are awed by the incredible bounty of this year’s grapes. We can definitely see that despite world pandemics and global unrest, the word of God is unshakable. The redemption of Israel’s agriculture has not been stopped. Amazingly, the Israeli government granted us special permission to bring in a limited group of volunteers. We were able to get them here just in time before the red grapes started ripening in earnest. This enables us to bring in the harvest, but because we can only bring in a certain number of volunteers, we asked each person to commit to spending 2-3 months in Israel. To help them make this commitment, we slashed the price that we normally charge volunteers nearly in half. On top of that, we have had to make many unplanned purchases connected with the need to quarantine our volunteers for two weeks. These volunteers have spent the last two weeks in quarantine and will be joining us in the field in 2 days to help bring in the bountiful harvest! Click here to donate to Harvest 2020. All of this is to say that we need your help. HaYovel has felt the financial effects of COVID-19 just as much as many of you this year. Now, we are valiantly taking on Harvest 2020 understaffed and underfinanced. Our budget projection for the next three months is way under the mark, but we are confident that God will provide. Will you help reach our goal, and make sure that Harvest 2020 is a success? You can donate $100, $50, $25, or even sign up to be a monthly donor – even if it’s just for the next three months. Click here to donate and make Harvest 2020 a smashing success. If you were planning to come to Israel this year, and now cannot, we humbly ask you to consider making a donation to HaYovel instead. You can literally be a part of bringing in the harvest this year. We are committed to bringing in the harvest of 2020, no matter the cost. YOU, however, can make all the... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Should Christians Mourn Over the Destruction of the Temple?

Today Israel is mourning. Why? Because the first and second temples were destroyed on this day. Not only that, but hundreds of other horrific crimes were committed against the Jewish people, all on this day. The 9th of Av is one of four fast days mentioned in Zechariah 8:19. However, it is clear that one day these fasts will be turned into days of joy and gladness. Joshua and Luke share their experiences of ascending to the Temple Mount on this special day along with Rabbi Yehuda Glick, Ari Abramowitz, and hundreds of other Jews. Remarkably, in what can only be the beginnings of restoration, prayer is now allowed on the Temple Mount! The question is––should Christians mourn and fast alongside their Jewish brothers on this day? Listen to today’s show to find out.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Jew-Hatred and the Connection for America

Many of you are consumed by the upheaval in the US that is happening right now and for good reason. You might be shocked, however, to discover that anti-semitism has been very prevalent in much of the violence seen across the land. Jew-hatred has risen massively in the last several months. Today’s guest is Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. Laurie has been fighting anti-semitism and advocating for Israel for many years. She was appointed special envoy to the United Nations for human rights and anti-semitism. She has been at the forefront of the battle against Jew-hatred in the United States and you don’t want to miss today’s interview. If you think that what’s happening in America is disconnected from Israel and the Jewish people, you might be shocked by what you’ll hear today. Help us out by subscribing to the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast on your favorite platform.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: A House of Prayer for Who?

Today’s guest is Rabbi and former Knesset Member Yehuda Glick. He is a man who survived an assassination attempt several years ago after being shot point-blank in the chest. His crime? He wants the Temple Mount to be a place where all peoples of all religions can pray. Also on today’s show, we are promoting the new book “Jesus Loves the Temple”, along with an exclusive deal to purchase it (only for our listeners). If you have ever wondered what Jesus’ heart toward Jerusalem and the Temple was, this book is for you. Listen to today’s show to find out more.   Click here to buy “Jesus Loves The Temple”   Help us out by subscribing to the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast on your favorite platform.  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The U.S. Tried to Divide Israel & COVID-19 Struck – The Facts (with Bill Koenig)

The Trump Administration presented the Peace to Prosperity peace plan on January 28th, 2020. The plan called for Israel to give away parts of their land and endorse the creation of a Palestinian state. Within two days of their announcement, COVID-19 was declared a world pandemic and the U.S. government began feverishly working to combat the virus. Today’s guest is Bill Koenig, a journalist, author and Christian Zionist. He wrote a book entitled “Eye to Eye”, where he personally documented 127 incidents when the U.S. called for the division of the land of Israel. Each time, within 24-48 hours, a disaster struck the United States. COVID-19 is no different. Listen to today’s show to find out how our treatment of Israel is directly related to the blessings or curses that we experience, in our personal lives, and as a nation.  ... Read MoreRead More