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Podcast: Peace in the Middle East is Not as Simple As You Might Think

Did President Trump really have plans for Arab countries to make peace with Israel back in January of 2020? What can the “deal of the century” tell us about the hidden motives behind the UAE and Bahrain normalizing relations with Israel? Joshua and Luke break down all of the details on today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast. Peace in the Middle East is not as simple as you might think. Some of the details might surprise you. Make sure to subscribe for free on your favorite podcast platform, or listen here on our website:  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Israel Made Peace with the Arab World, But at What Price?

The Abraham Accords were signed at the White House this week. Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and the United States participated. Two out of these four countries spoke about a Palestinian State being the foundation for peace with Israel. Can you guess which countries they were? Did you know that the Oslo Accords never mentioned a Palestinian State? The Deal of the Century, however, mentions . . . well, you’ll be shocked to find out. Listen to today’s show for all the details. With a special interview from a leader in Samaria, clips from the speeches at the signing of the Abraham Accords, and some fiery dialogue, today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report is one you don’t want to miss. Make sure to subscribe for free on your favorite podcast platform, or listen here on our website:  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Jared Kushner’s True Colors Revealed

Jared Kushner is showing his true colors regarding his treatment of Israel and the Arab world. Several statements that he made recently could even be considered anti-semitism. And they are coming from an Orthodox Jew! Fires and incendiary balloons along the Gaza border have destroyed thousands of acres in Israel. You probably have not heard about it in the media, however. Why? Find out on today’s show. On the one hand, the UAE-Israel peace deal has brought out a pro-Palestinian side of the US administration that has not been seen before. On the other hand, the Arab League just rejected a resolution that would have condemned the peace deal, which is a positive thing. Confused? Listen to today’s show to find out which side you should stand on. Make sure to subscribe for free on your favorite podcast platform, or listen here on our website:  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: The Land of Conditional Peace and Unconditional Miracles

First, they say “historic peace between Israel and the UAE!” Then they say that Israel has agreed to suspend plans of annexation in Judea and Samaria. Now they say the peace deal has completely killed ANY plans of applying sovereignty in the heartland. Can there really be peace at this price? In the meantime, miracles continue to take place in the land of Israel. When terrorist attacks happen, rarely is anyone killed besides the terrorist. God is clearly showing His hand of protection. God also cares about grapes and vineyards. When no one is allowed into Israel because of COVID-19, the borders were opened for 70 international volunteers to pick grapes. A miracle? You decide. Listen to today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast.  ... Read MoreRead More

Halfway to a Successful Harvest 2020!

We are nearly halfway to our fundraising goal to make Harvest 2020 a success! Two weeks of harvest are complete and we are awed by the incredible bounty of this year’s grapes. We can definitely see that despite world pandemics and global unrest, the word of God is unshakable. The redemption of Israel’s agriculture has not been stopped. Amazingly, the Israeli government granted us special permission to bring in a limited group of volunteers. We were able to get them here just in time before the red grapes started ripening in earnest. This enables us to bring in the harvest, but because we can only bring in a certain number of volunteers, we asked each person to commit to spending 2-3 months in Israel. To help them make this commitment, we slashed the price that we normally charge volunteers nearly in half. On top of that, we have had to make many unplanned purchases connected with the need to quarantine our volunteers for two weeks. These volunteers have spent the last two weeks in quarantine and will be joining us in the field in 2 days to help bring in the bountiful harvest! Click here to donate to Harvest 2020. All of this is to say that we need your help. HaYovel has felt the financial effects of COVID-19 just as much as many of you this year. Now, we are valiantly taking on Harvest 2020 understaffed and underfinanced. Our budget projection for the next three months is way under the mark, but we are confident that God will provide. Will you help reach our goal, and make sure that Harvest 2020 is a success? You can donate $100, $50, $25, or even sign up to be a monthly donor – even if it’s just for the next three months. Click here to donate and make Harvest 2020 a smashing success. If you were planning to come to Israel this year, and now cannot, we humbly ask you to consider making a donation to HaYovel instead. You can literally be a part of bringing in the harvest this year. We are committed to bringing in the harvest of 2020, no matter the cost. YOU, however, can make all the... Read MoreRead More
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